Baking A Difference for African Migrants!

This week we were excited to donate our signature home baked breads, bagels and muffins to African migrants after learning that bread is part of their essential diet! Hong Kong does not officially “recognize” refugees. Which means they’re “invisible”. But we see them. And make no mistake – they’re here in heartbreaking numbers.

We intend to step up our mission to feed and help provide opportunities for refugees in 2021! We already have a special event planned at Refugee Union over the Lunar New Year in collaboration with our friends and partners at Breadline. Follow us or keep checking our website for ways in which you can contribute!

Pssst! We are now working with local artists on creating sustainable bread boxes out of recycled waste with doodled designs and simple messages of solidarity for our homeless friends. If you’re an artist and would like to help create a difference for the homeless and other vulnerable groups, email

Thank you for your kindness, creativity and support! đź’ś