Unmasked: Ah Lik!

It’s been a funny old year as you’ve got no idea what the people you meet regularly look like beneath their masks. I’m not saying it’s impossible to form human connections post-pandemic. Just that had Zuckerberg come up with Facebook in 2020 or 2021, he probably wouldn’t be the same self-satisfied self-made billionaire he is today.

But this week all that changed and I was treated to a sneak peak of the face beneath ImpactHK employee Ah Lik‘s mask!!! It was so revolutionary after a year of smiling (as far as I could tell) and greeting each other in mask-muffled voices that I nearly passed out on the street! Suddenly I understood why all those Trojans had started a war for Helen of Troy’s face!

I’m not saying that Ah Lik is necessarily the most beautiful woman in the world, even by Greek mythology standards. Or a woman. Or that his face could launch a thousand ships. Just that his is a characterful face that could definitely tell a thousand stories. Plus, now I can find him on Facebook!

I’m not saying that I’m a mad cyber stalker and Ah Lik should be seriously considering taking out a restraining order. Just that it’s amazing what you can find out on the internet these days! After a little subtle digging, I am able to reveal that this face that shines like the sun after an 18 month Covid eclipse has a truly inspirational story.

Ah Lik works with ImpactHK full time. But not long ago, he was homeless sleeping in the tunnel near Happy Valley racetrack. Ah Lik has a tough job with ImpactHK. His job is helping people who are grumpy and sad and angry. And these people have every right to be! Ah Lik knows this better than most. Ah Lik didn’t study customer service in university. But he puts his heart into his work and cares so much for all of ImpactHK’s homeless guests.

Also, Ah Lik LOVES dogs! Ah Lik is now living in one of ImpactHK’s new co-living apartments and his roommates agreed to him adopting a dog. Ah Lik has his hands full, but this is one lucky pup!! ❤️ Maybe on next Friday’s bread run, I’ll bring mine! (That should put him off! 😂)

Puppy Love 💜

Ah Lik also shares his experiences of homelessness with HK’s young people. Ah Lik recently visited a school and gave a powerful and meaningful talk that we’re sure kept kids rapt and opened hearts and minds. ⭐

I’m not saying that Ah Lik is the only friendly ImpactHK employee I greet on my weekly bread deliveries. Just that his is the only face I’ve seen behind his mask. As the pandemic subsides 🤞and masks slip or disintegrate on faces in the stifling humidity, I look forward to being able to bring you more stories of the people behind the masks!

Here are a few other friendly ImpactHK faces I have yet to see beneath their masks. Stay tuned for more stunning revelations..!!