Jan 2022 News & Views!

2022 may not have got off to the smoothest of starts with Hong Kong shutting down because of delta and omicron breakouts, but Home Kong Kitchen has jumped the bumps collecting and delivering huge quantities of food, clothes, blankets, appliances and toys to the homeless, migrants and refugees @ ImpactHK, Bethune House and Refugee Union! We’d been anticipating a relatively quiet January but we ended up beating even our supersized festive deliveries! Special thanks to Neetu 1, Neetu 2, their magnificent crews, Asha, Hema and Tina! 🙏

If you’re craving a distraction from depressing news alerts, looking to boost mental health and help the homeless and vulnerable, join us! We have never needed your support more! Email hello@homekongkitchen.com or please take a mo to fill in the form below!

PLEASE NOTE: While the 5th Wave is surging and we are operating under tighter restrictions, we are turning our focus to providing extra meal deliveries for the homeless – not only bread and breakfast foods, but also home cooked nutritious meals (please provide a full list of all ingredients and seasonings used), fresh fruit, canned food, rice and pasta – and are temporarily suspending collections of second-hand clothing and blankets. The risk of clothes and blankets becoming environmentally contaminated, while small, are still higher than food, which is what’s really needed at the moment. We will resume our collections of clothes, blankets and other items as soon as the peak of the current wave has receded.

Thank you for your understanding, much appreciated kindness and support! 💜