Impact HK Appeal for Food Vouchers!

With the toughest restrictions on movement and gatherings in place for all but the first week of 2022, ImpactHK have had to refuse gifts of food and clothing to comply with government guidelines and instead encourage people wanting to help the homeless to donate food vouchers instead!

ImpactHK Food Vouchers Drive!

In fact, HKK has managed to keep up our weekly deliveries to 29 ( ‘The Guestroom’) throughout the 5th Wave but only because we’ve been doing it so long and have put in place a convoluted system that avoids human contact to overcome logistical challenges. We miss being able to get out and chat to our friends at Impact, but are glad to have been able to support this amazing charity as much as we can. As the panic buying that was stripping shelves of food has diminished and restrictions are gradually eased from the end of April, we hope to be able to boost our weekly deliveries of food and clothing to our pre-5th Wave levels and would LOVE to have your support! Please email to arrange collection of food and clothing donations to Impact through us from your home or workplace or take a mo to fill in the form below!