Easter Bun Fun!

Today’s Easter Bun Run for the homeless, migrants and refugees can be summed up in one word: EPIC!!! 🙌 Home Kong Kitchen spread so much joy to our friends at Bethune House, Refugee Union and ImpactHK! Props to our star bakers Alana Ho and Jean for baking the delectable hot crossed buns, Roselle and Mags for the Easter cakes and home baked breads for migrants and refugees, the Neetu’s (1-6), Asha, Deepa, Jess and Tina for your generous donations of chocolate eggs, toys and teddies for refugee kids, and everybody else who contributed mounds of bread, cookies, chocolates and other delicious treats for the homeless! You guys really know how to pull the Easter Bunny out the hat!!! 💕

Happy Easter, Homekongers! 🐣