3D Jelly Art Enthusiast Siami Tan collaborates with HKK!

We are all going wobbly for 3D Jelly Art enthusiast Siami Tan‘s incredible cakes! The level of artistry in her lifelike flower decorations is mind-blowing! Once you’ve admired them, the fact you can eat them is a bonus!!!

Malaysia-based Siami reached out to HKK over the weekend to see if we’d be interested in helping her arrange cookery classes and other foodie events in Hong Kong. (Of course we were!) She intends to donate a % of profits from these events to the homeless, migrant and refugee charities HKK supports! Helping the less fortunate is already in Siami’s DNA. Last year, Siami and her friends cooked 60,000 meals for distribution to communities hit hardest by the 2 years of lockdown in her native Malaysia. She now wants to extend her artistic and charitable orbit to Hong Kong, where her husband is from.

Her story was published by the South China Morning Post July 21. With mounting interest in her 3D Jelly Cakes and Classes, Siami will be offering classes and the opportunity for attendees and charities to sample her amazing cakes in HK! Stay tuned for news as her plans develop!


The story was also shared by the SCMP online as a video!