Bake – Collect – Deliver – Repeat!

We are BLOWN AWAY by the generosity of Homekongers mobilizing support to help the most vulnerable in our city! We are living in difficult times but this project has never failed to rejuvenate our spirits and restore our faith in humanity, bringing us together with so many inspiring individuals and organizations that epitomize the spirit of Hong Kong! 🇭🇰

Thanks to you, Home Kong Kitchen has grown from a cluster of claustrophobic Sai Kung neighbors looking for an outlet for their pandemic-induced bottled energy to an energetic social enterprise baking, collecting and delivering home baked bread, bagels and muffins to unlicensed shelters, refuges and people on the streets most days. We also deliver vast quantities of shop-bought loaves donated to us by our generous community of supporters from all over Hong Kong to ImpactHK. HUGE thanks to Breadline‘s Daisy Tam Diers for orchestrating so many of our bread runs.

Special thanks this week goes to bighearted artist Juliana Kung for designing Home Kong Kitchen‘s stunning emblem! It has everything we love: character, beauty and flying bagels! Actually, we think they’re meant to be orbs, but we saw bagels. We see bagels everywhere now. They’re plastered on every billboard, graffitied on every work of art. Mona Lisa’s smile? Bagels! Munch’s Scream? Bagels! Birth of Venus? Bagels! Map of the MTR? Bagels! The New Fragrance by Christian Dior? Bagels! Leonardo’s Last Supper? What else?? Bagels!

We’ve discovered every homemade bagel weighs about the same as a brick and that lugging vast quantities of bricks bagels around has really paid off in terms of honing our humps! (Sadly we aren’t talking the lovely lady lumps kind; more the Quasimodo kind…) Which is why we’re extending our mission and looking for a new type of HKK volunteer!

As well as home bakers, bread donators and artists, we would LOVE to hear from volunteer drivers willing to help us deliver food and other gifts to food banks, refuges, homeless shelters and the streets on a one-off, semi-regular or (ideally) regular basis. As more and more incredible Homekongers rally to our cause, we are collecting and delivering bread most days! If you’re interested in collaborating with Home Kong Kitchen, please email or take a mo to fill in the form below!

Thank you for your continued kindness and support! 💜