Baking A Difference For Domestic Helpers

Hong Kong’s domestic helpers have been among the hardest hit by the pandemic. Many have lost their jobs because of employer relocation. Others are facing legal action against unscrupulous employers who have either vanished without paying them, leaving them homeless, alone and destitute, or taken advantage of the situation, using social distancing as an excuse to exploit them and force them to work a 7-day week.

Displaced and unable to travel home, many domestic helpers are living in desperate conditions in crowded shelters that are Covid hotspots, unable to afford to buy food or send money home for their families. Which is why Home Kong Kitchen is so keen to care for those who have devoted so much of their lives to caring for us.

Every week, our incredible community of home bakers ensure breakfast is on us for displaced domestic helpers living in unlicensed shelters and refuges. It’s not much and frankly the least they deserve. So where we can, we drop off other gifts. At Christmas we distributed Christmas Gift Socks packed with little luxuries. You cannot imagine a more grateful bunch of recipients. There are so many fantastic charities and NGOs doing incredible work to improve the lives of these vulnerable but spiritually strong and courageous women. But they are overstretched so don’t just leave all the work to them. You can also make a powerful difference to somebody’s life with a simple act of kindness.

If you’re a refuge that has NOT yet sampled our baking and would like to, please reach out so we can include you on our delivery list! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day (especially Sunday breakfast) and it’s on us for anybody who needs it!