Kaz Takes A Penalty!

This week, Mojo took a week off from HKK deliveries to Bethune House and ImpactHK, which was a shame because Ah Lik was back working at the Guest Room! But we still had a cute helper with shaggy hair, nice wet nose, and puppy dog eyes: my nephew Kaz!!!

Kaz was under the impression he was off to play football until we made an emergency detour and he found himself surrounded by loaves of bread! What a penalty! 🤣

Thanks again to everybody who made last week’s delivery our largest yet, beating our previous best at Lunar New Year! Our next bumper delivery date, where you can donate anything (not just bread) to the homeless, migrants in need and refugees and we collect it from your home is Thursday July 19!

Interested in donating? Please email hello@homekongkitchen.com or take a mo to fill in the form below! Thank you for your kindness and support! 💜 🙏 💜