Diwali Deliveries for Refugees!

Wowzers! Another week, another crazy haul of shoes and clothes, pots and pans and a microwave delivered to our refugee friends @Refugee Union!!! We had expected our incredible Indian community to give big this week with Diwali just around the corner, but not THIS big!!! 🇮🇳 🙏 💜

Big shout out to The Neetus (Neetu 1 and Neetu 2, plus Neetus 3-16), Amy Shroff for being our Dangerous Driver (dangerous because she couldn’t see a thing through the back window!) and Chriz Albert for baking a selection of her signature breads and muffins for refugees. Somehow, we also made it to ImpactHK to deliver our weekly bread run for the homeless!

Home Kong Kitchen is always looking for volunteers to help us with our collections and deliveries and collaborate with us creatively! It’s fun, it makes good people experiencing unbelievable hardship smile, it’s a complete workout, and also no-one cares if you do it in your pajamas, as I did today. Please say hello@homekongkitchen.com or take a mo to fill in the form below!

Please consider supporting refugees in Hong Kong @Refugee Union if you possibly can! Click on the link below to make a donation or contribute in other ways to support their inspirational work!

Eric Receives HKK’s Weekly Bread Drop Off to ImpactHK!