Chriz Albert: HKK Superhero!

It is with mixed emotions we announce the upcoming departure of Home Kong Kitchen‘s most industrious and inspirational volunteer! Chriz Abert will be leaving Home Kong for a new life in the Philippines in December. Chriz has been such an unbelievable asset to HKK since its humble beginnings and formation in June 2020. Like most of us, Chriz had never baked before in her life, but was moved to take up the challenge of baking a difference for Hong Kong’s homeless, migrants in distress and refugees with gusto, stamina, generosity of spirit, cheerful good humor and her trademark smile!

She has baked bread religiously for every single bread run and been an invaluable core member of our team at every special event we have organized. It is impossible to imagine Home Kong Kitchen without her. She will be incredibly missed by all of us in the HKK family, but our sad loss will be her family and Manila’s joyous gain! We wish her every deserved joy and success in Manila and will obviously remain in touch!!! Besides becoming an incredible baker, Chriz recently qualified as a nurse and is studying for various other degrees. Here are some of our favorite memories of working with the one and only Chriz Abert and some of the happy recipients of her baking!!! đź’ś