Feb/ March 2022 News & Views!

Apologies for the lack of posts over the past couple of months, Homekongers! This doesn’t mean we’ve been lying flat. We haven’t stopped!!!

So…. Quick update! Empty shelves in supermarkets caused by panic buying and logistical challenges posed by the toughest restrictions yet have impeded our ability to collect and deliver our usual epic quantities of food and other necessities to the homeless, migrants and refugees, BUT they have never once prevented it! 🙌 While often having to think on our feet and come up with some pretty imaginative creative solutions to logistical difficulties, we have continued making our weekly food drives to homeless charity ImpactHK and delivering breakfast to Bethune House throughout the peak of the 5th Wave! We have supported helpers forced into homelessness after testing positive for Covid and we have provided food and medical supplies to refugees at Refugee Union.

While we have been sad not to enjoy as much human contact as we usually do in order to comply with government restrictions and restrictions imposed by the charities themselves to protect the most vulnerable, we have achieved more than we ever thought possible in difficult circumstances. Our contributions may have been smaller compared to the start of the year, but they were all created and donated with love and a lot of self-sacrifice, especially considering the cost of food! Every humble delivery of just a few necessities has felt like a mini-miracle! And while our donations may have been smaller in bulk, we have delivered them more frequently due to the rise in special cases and pleas for help we have answered.

Now that the peak of the 5th Wave has passed and we are looking forward to restrictions gradually being eased from April 20 with cautious optimism, we are planning special events! We are now collecting donations of festive treats, food, clothing and toys for refugee kids, the homeless, the vulnerable elderly and migrants in need on our stepped up special Easter deliveries! Please take a mo to fill in the form below to be part of our Easter Bun Run!

Thanks to everybody in our amazing community who has contributed during this difficult period for your solidarity and support! Deserving of special mention are Neetu Mahtani, Neetu Laguna, Jessica Choi, Tina Eldridge, Asha Mirpuri and Deepa Tolani for your many, many generous contributions and new bakers Roselle and Mags! Your donations of bread, dried food, canned food, fresh fruit, home baked cakes, medical supplies, toiletries and other thoughtful gifts could not have gone to more deserving or appreciative recipients!

Here are a few of our favorite masked faces, hard to reach places, and views of HK on delivery runs over the past couple of months!