Jelly Fever!

Home Kong Kitchen got jabbed this month. No, not round 4 of covid vaccine – jelly jabbing with Malaysian 3D Jelly Artist Siamy Tan! After making a mere 200 (!!!) agar agar 3D jelly cakes for our refugee friends (via Grassroots Future) @Refugee Union (a marathon of non-stop stirring, boiling, stirring, filtering, stirring, pouring and washing pots) Siamy and her team of student volunteers took a well earned rest got busy making these stunning 8″ 3D Jelly Jabs cakes and a whole bunch of smaller cakes for Home Kong Kitchen’s Roselle and Sadie to deliver to our homeless friends @ImpactHK and the wonderful women migrants @Bethune House! Siamy even found time to teach Sadie to jab! (Apparently, if you jab yourself in your eye you’re not doing it right).

Check out our gallery of the latest wave of 3D jelly fever sweeping Hong Kong!

We CAN’T WAIT for Siamy and her Hong Kong born hubby to return to HK for a much longer trip at the start of December and are already plotting more charity jabs, festive deliveries, special events and workshops! Anybody interested in joining one of Siamy’s classes or workshops can sign up here or drop us a line @Home Kong Kitchen and we’ll connect you!