Lunar New Year Delivery to Refugees!

Home Kong Kitchen made our first delivery of the Year of the Rabbit to our refugee friends at Refugee Union this afternoon! It’s hard parting with childhood memories when you hit your teens – so special thanks to Kaz for doing just that – and making some refugee kids VERY happy! As well as boxes and boxes of soft toys, games and books, we donated warm clothing and the prerequisite festive home baked cake!

HKK will be back on the road with deliveries of food (mainly) and other gifts for the homeless, migrants and refugees! As the weather turns colder (only 8 degrees tonight!) and the cost of living goes ever higher, our homeless, migrant and refugee friends could really use your support! Please give to Refugee Union‘s spark campaign if you possibly can using the link below, or donate food, clothing and other gifts to needy people through Home Kong Kitchen by filing out the form to register your support! Donating through us is easy as we collect donations straight from your home and deliver them the same day! We always take lots of photos, too, so you can see exactly who benefitted from your generous and thoughtful donation.

Thank you so much! Wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous Year of the Rabbit!

Refugee Union Spark Campaign