Sept/ Oct News & Views!

As food prices continue to rise, September and October has seen a phenomenal response from Home Kong Kitchen‘s tight community of volunteers as we have made some of our most supersized collections and deliveries of 2022 and run special festive deliveries during the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day holidays and through our collaborations with 3D Jelly Art Queen Siamy Tan. We also attended Bethune House’s 36th Anniversary Celebration and were honoured to receive a certificate of recognition for our efforts to support migrants in crisis through the 5th Wave.

We could not have done this without your support! Thank you to everyone who has generously contributed! Special thanks goes to our supporters in the Indian community (spearheaded by the amazing Neetus!) who have contributed an enormous amount of food, clothes and toys to our refugee friends @Refugee Union over the past couple of months. All of your contributions could not have been received by more appreciative and deserving recipients! đź’ś

Here are some snapshots of some of our favourite faces and places taken over the past six weeks. As the weather turns colder (finally!) and we step up our collections and deliveries over the winter months, we’d love to have your support! Please take a mo to fill in the form below!